Eliminate Bacterial Infections Fast with Over the Counter Antibiotics

October 21, 2015

Over the counter antibiotics are antibacterial medicines that are sold directly to a customer without a doctor’s prescription.  In so many countries and areas all over the world, over the counter antibiotics are chosen by a regulatory body or government agency to make sure that the ingredients contained in over the counter antibiotics are proven to be not only effective but also safe especially because it is used without a doctor’s professional supervision and care.  Over the counter antibiotics are oftentimes regulated by APIs or active pharmaceutical ingredients; therefore, they usually contain an active ingredient or two and other supporting ingredients into the mix.

In a lot of countries, a number of over the counter antibiotics are sold in establishments that are actually not a pharmacy, such as supermarkets, general or convenience stores, and even gas stations.  Regulations regarding who is authorized to dispense such over the counter antibiotics, the areas and facilities where the drugs can be sold to consumers, and whether or not a prescription is needed varies greatly from one country to the other.

The general rule for over the counter antibiotics is that they should be used mainly to help treat a condition that does not need the doctor’s direct supervision and care, and the drug has to be proven to be well tolerated and relatively safe.

In the United States where most rules about buying and selling medicines are quite stricter than other countries, you can buy over the counter antibiotics from the following establishments aside from local pharmacy stores: Click to continue…