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Woman and Clock Time Out for Finding Peace
You know the telltale signs. The traffic is slow on your way to work, there's a wait at the doctor's office, or you get snowed in....               more
Boy and Frog Nature 9-1-1: Re-connecting
Kids with the Outdoors

U.S. Sen. Jack Reed wants to turn classrooms inside out. So does
U.S. Rep. John Sarbanes...     more
Baby Sleeping Children's Sleep Problems:
Focus on Child & Family

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for a number of reasons.  Trying to prevent ...                more

No More Arguing:
Responsive Listening for Parents

Nutritional Changes: How to Begin

Walking Your Way to Good Health

Lyme Disease: Treatment and Prevention

Let Sleep Work for You

The Whole Grain Truth

Babe Ruth: From Hopeless to Fit

Exercise for Healthy and Not-So-Healthy Kids

Your Child Has Been Diagnosed
with Autism: Now What?

Sports Training for Young Athletes

The Health Status of
Internationally Adopted Children

Time Out for Finding Peace

Preventing Childhood Obesity

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your guide to good health, wellness and
excellent health care in the US. Whether
you are looking for information or inspiration
regarding preventive health or are dealing
with a medical challenge,
is here to help you and your loved ones.

              On this web site you can:
Find health and wellness articles
    written by local and national experts.
Find health care and wellness providers
    in your area.
Learn from our Healthy Planet section,
    including positive things you can do.
All life on earth is healthy
to the degree that our
earth itself is healthy. This
is a scientific truth, not a
political philosophy. The
air we breath, the water
we drink, the food we eat,
all must be as clean and
pure as possible, free from toxins
and substances that cause harm.

As individuals we make choices every
day that directly impact the health of our
environment. This Healthy Planet section of provides links to
organizations and information that will
help you make the right choices. Let's resolve
together to be part of the solution, towards a
sustainable life and a healthy planet.

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